May Meeting Tips, Tricks and Links that we discussed …. later than we would normally want to publish …. but this is the set of links that we discussed in the May Meeting. First and most important are the two links that Rick generated in the session that provides video help.

‘How To’ Video Links From Rick
1 – Merge a PDF – Video Here
2 – Parallels Question – Video Here

The rest of these links were all discussed at the meeting. Hope you find them useful.

Apple Links
Apple’s Support Site :
Pro Tips from Apple UK :
Apple Support Communities :
Mac Basics :
iPad Guided Tours :

Fixing Stuff
i Fix It :
Devon Think :
Anti Virus From Sophos :

Screen Cast Online :
Lynda DOT Com :

Keyboard Shortcuts
Mac Rumours :
Apple :

EBook Management
Calibre :

Video Links
Mac Pro Video :