The End of a Great Apple Run

Final Meeting Date: Monday, August 5, 2024 6-7pm

Location: 427 Ala Makani St, Kahului

After 25 years of supporting the Maui Apple User Group Community. MAUS has decided to close its doors. A few reasons for the decision.

1. The Apple User Group Program lead at Apple retired last year. That has changed the dynamic of the user group community. 

2. The Apple User Group Advisory Board dynamic has changed as well and with that, they will be ending active support to User Groups, but will keep their resource website in tact. 

3. For over 30 years User Groups have been an integral part of the Apple Community. Many user group members are aging out, and with that less members. As technology and social interaction are changing, so have user groups. 

4. We will keep the website active for at least a year so members may access past resources. 

The Maui Apple Users Society provided great opportunities to our Maui community over the years. We were involved with offering monthly meetings, Mac classes, Mac support at e-cycling events, Mac donation programs, but also most importantly our assistance with Apple products for Maui Wildfire victims. 

We will be holding one last get together (info above). We have some cool Apple SWAG to give away. We will have some light snacks and drinks. We will reminisce, share, and find new ways to stay in touch. 

Personally MAUS has opened up so many doors for me both here on Maui, within the Apple Community at large. The MacWorld events were some of the most memorable experiences. I will forever be grateful. 

Sincerely, Rick Ortiz

October 2019 Meeting Recap

If you missed our October meeting, you can get a recap of what was discussed and links to sites and information. Matt from Tech Savvy Maui did a great presentation on the new iOS 13. Our live stream of the meeting is linked to Facebook below.

On a side note for those who fear the new 3rd camera on the iPhone 11 Pro (or lots of tiny holes). Trypophobia is the word of the day.

September 2019 Meeting Recap

If you missed our September meeting, you can get a recap of what was discussed and links to sites and information. Our live stream of the meeting is linked to Facebook below.

Info on Apple Clips App for quick easy movie making on your iOS devices:

User Group Member Sandra shares a how-to PDF of using Clips App and editing text in a “Clip” you are making.

April 2019 Meeting Recap

Topic: Cybersecurity

If you did not have a chance to attend our April meeting we live streamed the meeting on Facebook .  No log in required to watch video! We are now using a live streaming program that allows us to share the presentation in a better format with less noise and distortion.

One of the topics discussed was the increase in unsolicited spam calls to your cell phone. A few members suggested to try these two iPhone apps to block unwanted calls!

Also a great article here from MacWorld.

AT&T Call Protect

Verizon Call Filter