Saturday Mac Classes

UH Maui College generously allows us to use their facility for our meetings. Do you need more in-depth help with understanding how to use your Apple devices? The EdVenture Program offers classes covering all sorts of MacOS and iOS topics. See schedule below. If you are interest in registering for a class click here.

UH Maui EdVenture Apple Classes

UH Maui College offers MAUS the great opportunity to use its Mac Lab facilities for our monthly meetings. They are the logoonly Apple Authorized IT Training Center in the State of Hawaii. This is a great training facility and they offer many great technology classes in Apple, PC, social media, and web training. Their new website is now up. Check it out and sign up for a class!

Building Apps on Maui- Free Workshops

global_99933672.2As part of the Apple community here on Maui, MAUS would like to share about this great opportunity  with its members. This event is led by the Maui Business Brainstormers. You will need to RSVP for this event. Links to the event are listed below.

Where: University of Hawai’i – Maui College Pilina Building -Multipurpose Room
When: Tuesday April 22, 2014 or Thursday April 24, 2014 Online RSVP required.

More info and online RSVP
Tue April 22 : 
Thu April 24:

• Guest Presenter: Greg Rewis
• All day workshop (with breakfast and lunch)

Password Safety

Thanks to Rick for these notes ….

Be Safe

  • Clever password attack
  • Don't use the same password for everything
  • make sure passwords differ when you use your email as your username

Most common way accounts are attacked

  • Gain access to an online email account
  • Yahoo, hotmail, AOL, Gmail
  • From there, they go on to attack other non email account

A Way To Remember Things

  • One Master Password
  • Apple's Keychain
  • FileVault 2- secure your hard drives
  • 1 Password
  • LastPass

Ways to Create Passwords

  • Apple Password Assistant

Things not to do