Touchscreen Shortcuts for the iPad and iPhone

Apple has a website with you in mind, so I have assembled some favorite touchscreen shortcuts …

  • Double tap the Space bar in order to end a sentence and begin a new sentence.
  • Double tap the Shift key in order to lock the caps lock. Tap once to unlock.
  • Tap on the “.?123” key, hold, and drag to the desired character or numeral and release in order to enter the character or numeral and return to the alphabetic keyboard.
  • Tap and hold a letter on the keyboard to enable accented versions of that letter.
  • Tapping and holding on text brings up common options. Tap select to select a word. Use left/right arrow keys to extend options, including bold/italics/underline as well as define to get a definition.
  • In Safari, if you know the domain of the web site you are trying to navigate to, you can type that in, such as “yahoo” or “wikipedia” or “smalldog” without the “www” or “.com” and you should find that Safari will get you there.
  • In Safari, when entering an address in the address bar, tap and hold the “.com” key to get access to .net, .org, .edu sites
  • When you are looking at a website, an email inbox list, or a long mail message, tap the status bar where the time is displayed and you will jump back to the top of the list.

If you want to see the full set click through to iPhone (caveat – most of the tips work on your iPad as well – but not always !!)

1Password for IPhone Best App of 2011

The Unofficial Apple Weblog reported their Best of 2011, and Agile Bits Solutions’ 1Password took the prize for Best iPhone App. Easily beating out the competition by taking 49.7% of the votes, 1Password is an invaluable utility for anyone who surfs the web on their Mac or iOS device.

I have been using 1Password on my MAC for over a year and find it to be so efficient, easy, and secure that I can’t imagine being without it.

For information about 1Password, click here


Adding Accent Marks on Apple Devices

Do your Apple devices have a foreign accent?

Have you wondered how to type character marks over the vowels of foreign words? Well, thanks to the Small Dog Electronics newsletter, Kibbles & Bytes, you can learn how to add those sexy little accent marks over vowels, if your Mac uses Lion OSX 10.7, and your handheld devices use their new iOS.

For those of you using Lion, the same steps you take on your iPhone (or the like) are now applicable.

To produce an accent on your Mac using 10.7, press and (briefly) hold the letter that needs the accent mark.

Your accent character choices will then appear, and you can navigate to the one you need

Thanks to David Watersun for this tip.

QR Codes

The question of whether people are using QR codes in their business was raised.

There was debate on what they were and how they are being used.

My personal view (stated on the evening)  is that their current application is gimmicky rather than real – and arguably ahead of being ‘ready for prime time’.

I have seen them used on business cards for easy sharing of contact information. Others have observed them in newspapers like Maui Time – but real returns as yet unknown.

I did share this URL on the evening as a truly CREATIVE application of using QR codes, but this is not to be taken as a business case – but does serve to demonstrate that such technology like this can be used in VERY interesting ways – and like so much is really limited by the imagination of the application of the use – rather than the technology.

For raw technology, this article popped into my sphere of interest just this morning. Enjoy.

Why QR Codes are failing.

To Quote Sean Cummings:

People will not adopt a technical solution that serves to replace a manual task, if that solution is less efficient than the manual task it replaces. How could we think that QR codes for marketing would work any better than CueCat? Did we not learn the first time?

To Quote John Gruber:

QR codes are built for machines, not humans.

The iPhone 4S Unveiled

Today’s the day – and you just know the news media is going to be flooded very soon with this information ::

Apple’s new iPhone 4S doesn’t look all that different on the surface from the iPhone 4 it replaces. But the latest iPhone unveiled by Apple at a press event Tuesday promises an improved processor, new wireless system, and more powerful camera, along with voice control capabilities.

Click through to here for the full article