Java – Should I disable it ?

It’s come up before = and I still get questions about disabling Java – so post time.

Back in january the LA Times wrote

The Cupertino, Calif., company has remotely disabled the vulnerable software. Users whose Macs run the Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard or Leopard operating systems are safe.

Also Rick Ortiz wrote:

If you use Safari, Apple already did it for you. If you use any other browser follow the instructions. Though Oracle supposedly fixed this, there seems to be concern about the patch not being complete.

The Instructions

Bottom line – if you are reading this then I suspect that your Mac OS is at least at Leopard (according to the analytics) – but if in any doubt – as Rick says – follow the instructions

Why we’re betting everything on FCP X

At the last meeting, we had a healthy discussion on Final Cut Pro – and it’s failings. When I saw this article – decided to share it. As I said in the meeting – I am not a video guy, so really have no valuable input to the debate – however I thought this article from someone who ‘is in the biz’ …

I don’t know if 100% of our customers are FCP editors. They range from ambitious freelancers, to ad agencies, to Hollywood post shops, to in-house editors at the BBC. We believe that the vast majority of these editors – and probably you, too – will be using FCP X as their professional editing platform within a year.


Conclusion: In a Year, Most Professional Editors will be Using FCP X

Full Article With Comments : CrumplePop Blog.