UH Maui EdVenture Apple Classes

UH Maui College offers MAUS the great opportunity to use its Mac Lab facilities for our monthly meetings. They are the logoonly Apple Authorized IT Training Center in the State of Hawaii. This is a great training facility and they offer many great technology classes in Apple, PC, social media, and web training. Their new website is now up. Check it out and sign up for a class!

Building Apps on Maui- Free Workshops

global_99933672.2As part of the Apple community here on Maui, MAUS would like to share about this great opportunity  with its members. This event is led by the Maui Business Brainstormers. You will need to RSVP for this event. Links to the event are listed below.

Where: University of Hawai’i – Maui College Pilina Building -Multipurpose Room
When: Tuesday April 22, 2014 or Thursday April 24, 2014 Online RSVP required.

More info and online RSVP
Tue April 22 : http://goo.gl/60G2Ea 
Thu April 24: http://goo.gl/Tdeycr

• Guest Presenter: Greg Rewis
• All day workshop (with breakfast and lunch)

Java – Should I disable it ?

It’s come up before = and I still get questions about disabling Java – so post time.

Back in january the LA Times wrote

The Cupertino, Calif., company has remotely disabled the vulnerable software. Users whose Macs run the Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard or Leopard operating systems are safe.

Also Rick Ortiz wrote:

If you use Safari, Apple already did it for you. If you use any other browser follow the instructions. Though Oracle supposedly fixed this, there seems to be concern about the patch not being complete.

The Instructions

Bottom line – if you are reading this then I suspect that your Mac OS is at least at Leopard (according to the analytics) – but if in any doubt – as Rick says – follow the instructions

Adobe Workshop – Unique Opportunity

It is rare we post these kind of non Mac events into our blog – and to our members – but this one is too good not to. Brought to you by Maui Brainstormers (a group you should think about signing up for anyway), this is a FREE workshop for Business Owners, Managers, Web Professionals and Marketing Consultants!

You will learn the latest about obtaining online business success with:

• CMS hosted platforms (including WYSIWYG)
• Easy steps to create and update your own website
• Web Pages for all business types
• eCommerce and Customer Databases
• Blogs and Forums
• eMail Marketing and eNews Letters
• Multi-Aspect Business Reporting
• Hosting and Email

Venue : The Fairmont Kea Lani who are also sponsors for Maui Brainstormer’s ‘Website on the Spot!’

Date : The workshop is set to run on August 30, 2012.

Parking – FREE attendance to the seminar includes complimentary self-parking for all workshop attendees.

Guest presenter is Adam Broadway of Adobe Systems. Adobe is donating Adam’s time and expertise to Maui Business Brainstormers specifically for this event.

Seats are limited. If the RSVP places are maxed, you may choose to RSVP for the waiting list.

Click through to learn more and sign up. But don’t be slow – it’s already at 60% capacity.

Apple – Malware – The Truth and The Fix

You might have picked up some news this morning about malware and viruses and trojans INVADING the quiet tranquility of your Apple computer.

Personal opinion ? Like som much of news – massive exaggeration – and of course – because it is Apple – the bandwagon is in full flight about how the world is about to come to an end …..

It isn’t.

Really – It isn’t.

This article aside (I like Dave Winer a lot – and his point is valid), WITHOUT some calm and sense prevailing – the gap will be filled with rumor, myth and wrong information.

First – some data – I have no idea how many Apple computers there are in the world  – but only 600,000 of them have been affected.

There are however estimates of 900 million to 1 billion computers in the world today. So, even if Apple had a 10% of ALL of them (they don’t by a long shot) – that means there are around 100 million Apple computers

Which means that around 0.6 percent of ALL Apples are estimated to have the virus.

OK – so what is the virus ?

Here’s what are friends at F-Secure have to say :

Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.I connects to a remote site to download its payload; on successful infection, the malware modifies targeted webpages displayed in the web browser.

Think about that – IF you are one of the substantially less than .6% of Apple computer owners that have been affected – it will mean that the malware will modify certain webpages displayed in the web browser – when you visit them. It doesn’t corrupt your data, destroy your files, spam your address book. It is malware.

OK – but you still want to get rid of it right ?

If you are feeling brave go here – now.

If you are not feeling so brave – and not so technically minded – then still go here (it is the same page) – and note the first three instructions :

Manual Removal Instructions

1. Run the following command in Terminal:defaults read /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Info LSEnvironment
2. Take note of the value, DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES
3. Proceed to step 8if you got the following error message:”The domain/default pair of (/Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Info, LSEnvironment) does not exist”

For the vast majority of you – statistically 99.4 % of you – when you get that message “The domain/default pair of (/Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Info, LSEnvironment) does not exist” – then know you are safe.

If you don’t get that message – then the instructions 4 onwards – tells you what to do – and that can either be YOU or one of your friendly neighborhood techies :0

Please email me if I can help you further. I am traveling at the moment – but always online 🙂

10 Steps to Smartphone Privacy

With thanks to Information Week for their original article and information .

1. Lock Your Phone

2. Use ‘Find My iPhone’ Or Similar Services

3. Don’t Leave Your Smartphone Unattended

4. Don’t Give Your Phone to Strangers

5. Keep Your Smartphone Up-to-Date

6. Manage Location Settings

7. Do App Due Diligence

8. Don’t Download Apps From Untrusted Sources

9. Watch Those Attachments!

10. Encrypt Smartphone Data

Read the whole article here.

Presentation Section Added To Our Site

Thanks to those of you that came on Wednesday and your attention. As promised, I have posted the presentation to our site.

At the same time – I have added a new section – called ‘Presentations’ – where we will add future presentations for posterity.


Visit the presentation section nowor visit the FULL presentation on Apps, IMAP, Browsers, iPhones – Hanging Them All Together