Not as many links to go through for this month, since the June meeting focussed on Apple’s WWDC announcements and what it means to Apple Users.

  • Lion
  • iOS 5
  • iCloud

We won’t replay everything here – suffice to say – if you want to learn what is going on at a high level – some great videos and commentaries on Apple’s own web site.

Watch The Keynote

Learn More About iOS 5

Learn More About Lion

Learn More About iCloud

We also spent some more time going through the Malware episode – and reviewed Rick’s two videos on how to remove it if you get infected. Check out the post here.

We further announced the re-introduction to the Pro Level membership.$10 per month to get access to the Pro Level, that could more than pay for itself in a single transaction.

Those members that joined the Pro level last night will be receiving a unique email with details of how to access the special offers on our website – as well as get listings to your business on the site – and post advertising for products you might want to sell.

We also discussed the idea of introducing a forum, which is definitely on the cards – but step by step. To reiterate comments last night – if there are specific questions you have – feel free to ask us through email – and we will respond through email if we can quickly. If not – we will include it in the discussion at the next meeting – and post responses into this stream.

Once again – apologies for the up and ‘down-ness’ of Facebook and the blog over the past 24 hours – partly due to going live with this very blog. As said earlier – hopefully normal service is resumed – don’t hesitate to let me know if you find any problems.