Password Safety

Thanks to Rick for these notes ….

Be Safe

  • Clever password attack
  • Don't use the same password for everything
  • make sure passwords differ when you use your email as your username

Most common way accounts are attacked

  • Gain access to an online email account
  • Yahoo, hotmail, AOL, Gmail
  • From there, they go on to attack other non email account

A Way To Remember Things

  • One Master Password
  • Apple's Keychain
  • FileVault 2- secure your hard drives
  • 1 Password
  • LastPass

Ways to Create Passwords

  • Apple Password Assistant

Things not to do

MAUS Meeting – January 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013, 6:00 – 8:00 PM At Maui College (Laulima Rm. 211)

Topic: Passwords, Passwords, Oh What is that Password?

With the growth of us doing more on the internet, such as buying, banking, email, and social media, we have had to develop ways of logging into these services. We have to remember so many passwords, some with numbers, some with a capital letter, some we have to change every 60 days. Passwords are designed to keep our internet lives safe from others. No wonder we can never remember them all.

Join us this month as we review two pieces of software: LastPass and 1Password (members attending the meeting will receive a link to receive 25% off 1Password). We will also discuss ways to streamline your passwords, develop complex passwords, ways to prevent your online accounts from being compromised, and why computer passwords are important. As always we will save time for your Apple and Mac related questions after the meeting.