Wednesday June 18, 2014 6:00 – 8:00 PM At Maui College (Laulima Bldg. Rm. 211)
Topic: The Cloud Part 2- Syncing

Last year we covered Cloud services in one of our meetings. This year we expand on that meeting and get into the syncing aspects of the cloud. With all your data floating around, we will help you know where it is at, how did it get there, and how can you retrieve it. As always, we will save time for your Mac and iOS questions. For directions to our meetings, click here.

Our test run of our Remote Meeting last month was a success using You can download the Mac App or search for on the iOS App store. The meeting ID code will be posted at 5:55 PM the night of the meeting both here and on our Facebook page.

The June meeting can be accessed here: o view the Maui Apple User Group June Meeting Presentation, click this link: