Wednesday November 19, 2014 6:00 – 8:00 PM At Maui College (Laulima Bldg. Rm. 211)
Topic: Addressing Adware, Malware, and Password Security for OS X and iOS

Our monthly topic will follow our short annual meeting of the members. As Apple products become more popular, there are those individuals or groups who will try and profit or initiate security scams on your device in an attempt to make money. Though there are no known Apple viruses, there have been some recent Adware web browser hijacking, phishing emails to access your AppleID, as well as a few ongoing fake “utility” software for your Mac. Join us this month as we address ways to protect your Mac and iOS devices as well as some basic security measures you can put in place to protect your email as well as your AppleID. As always we will save time for your Mac and iOS questions. For directions to our meetings, click here.

We are now using for remote meeting access. Pro members will receive advanced notice of access to the meeting. Regular members can receive the meeting ID code posted by 5:50 PM HST the night of the meeting both here and on our Facebook page. You can download the Mac App or search for on the iOS App store.

Our access link for tonights meeting is: