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Every now and then – our friends at ‘User Group Central’ (specifically in this case – Lynn Wegley, InfoManager, with coeditor Fred Showker), send out a very detailed summary of info and links that are sometimes INCREDIBLY relevant, and ALWAYS good stuff.

With their permission – restated here ::

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Please note – I have maintained the original numbering of the points from the original email. the content below is as sent – no edits by yours truly.

06  Prepare for Back To School

What’s on top of the school supply list this year? It is
not a lunchbox or a backpack but rather a smartphone, a
tablet or a cool fun educational app that runs on both. Kids
as young as elementary age are looking for smartphone
upgrades, while the college students are living the advent
of tablets into their classrooms. Developed universally for
the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, NxtApp 4 Kids is the
perfect back-to-school math app with which kids learn number
sequencing, thinking they are playing a game.



07  Free ebook sites

On iPadForums, “Bremen” posted: “Free ebook sites,
already in iBook (ePub) format. I have posted a few of these
in various places, but thought I would tie it together here.
These are some sites that have FREE ebooks that are already
in ePub format. They will import and read as is in iBooks.



08  60 Free Mac Utilities and Tools

This MobsJar article from February lists these
Mac Utilities. (As you know, I love lists.)
Here are a few of the ones they have:



09  How To Save Online Videos

In this article from Read Write Web, we can
learn to save videos from the Web and
replay them later on the TV or iPad.



10  Excel 2011 Tutorial

Training solutions provider Infinite Skills Inc has
released a new video series to help Mac users work
productively with the latest edition of Excel for OS X. The
Learning Microsoft Excel 2011 Tutorial, narrated by trainer
Guy Vacarro, includes beginner-targeted lessons that show
how to use Excel in common applications such as monitoring
sales data, calculating profits versus losses, creating
expense forms, managing contact lists and more.



11  How To Capture Your Signature Using Preview

This is a quick note, because I think
it is so cool that this can be done so easily.



A WiFi Day in a Wireless World

At our last meeting, I commented that one potential Apple play is the ubiquity of wireless. They were the first to talk about wireless back in the day and steadily releasing communication apps that are wireless only – apple device to apple device.

Think the new messenger product appearing in upcoming iOS5.
Think FaceTime – available on EVERY Apple product.
Think iChat.

My contention was – and remains – that they are setting up a framework to bypass the carriers – and their extortionate prices.

Even now, all of these products are usable – and UNLESS you need absolutely always on cell communication – there strong argument that a lot of us could really live without a cell phone – so long as we had ability to make calls from the variety of hotspots there are today.

I know that there are a LOT of infrastructural issues before we have an always on wireless network – but it is coming – and was delighted to read this earlier today:

The truth is, high speed wireless is critical. We’re just a few years away, I believe, from pervasive, high quality wireless anywhere, and I hope we can scoff on the minor issues we see today with congestion, slowness and even pockets without access.

Read the full piece here : WiFi Day in a Wireless World

Apple Newsletter Available For Download

Careful – the attached document is over 100 pages long and comes in at a hefty 70 MegaBytes or so. (BTW – because it is so big, I have stored it on one of my own servers, hence you might not recognize the address ‘BeyondBridges’ when you download. But it is safe. It is valid.)

It is a great piece of work that you will enjoy. It is the Apple Users Spotlight – Issue Number 15 – covering June and July 2011. To help you understand what delights are contained within – this is the list of contents.

  • Nicholas’ Dashboard – page 3
  • Preparing for Lion: Find Your PowerPC Applications – page 5
  • Whither Apple’s Keynote ’11 – page 8
  • Blogging on the Mac – page 11
  • FileMaker Debuts New Bento Label Kit- page 14
  • AppleUsers Contest #15 – page 15
  • Apple Revolutionises Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X16Mac 911 – page 20
  • Project Noah inspires a return to nature, photography and community – page 22
  • Take Control ebooks – page 39
  • Give iPhone Contacts their own Ringtone – page 42
  • Using WordPress to create a website that does not look like a blog – page 43
  • What’s New — Mac – page 46
  • Spotlight Cooks – page 51
  • Invert iPad Colors for Better Reading in the Dark – page 52
  • iCloud lightning strikes twice for many MobileMe members – page 54
  • Sending images to PC users – page 58
  • Free on iTunes — Australian Store – page 59
  • Before you let Lion roar on your Mac, devour some essential reading and prep first – page 62
  • Transition from MobileMe to iCloud—FAQs – page 65
  • Discounts for AppleUsers Spotlight Readers – page 69
  • Apple User Group Discounts – page 73
  • iPad Magic 75 Hungry Horse – page 87
  • Star Walk 5 Stars Astronomy Guide – page 88
  • TuneIn Radio – page 89
  • Photoshop Elements 9: Review – page 90
  • Solving deep shadow and highlights in photographs – page 99

Click on this link and the doc will download and be visible in your browser. It will take a little while, so once it is down there – use file / save as and store the doc locally – and then open it up in Preview or Adobe Acrobat.

That means you will be able to navigate faster and search the doc quickly in the usual manner for items of specific interest.


Normal Service Has Been Restored

Dear All … ‘Normal Service’ to the Maui Mac User Society’s online presence has been restored. Apologies for the up and down of the web site, the feeds, the links to our page on Facebook etc. Suffice to say – all should now be done. Don’t hesitate to flag anything you find that you think is not as it should be …. we will get on it immediately.

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