AirPrint Activator from Netputing

This is one of those rare cross over applications between iOS and your Apple. You are all iOS enabled – apps installed and ready – but you either need to buy one of those special ‘air printers’ to turn your iOS world into hard copy – or ‘fu-gged about it’.

Until now.

AirPrint Activator is a small application that will enable a Mac OSX 10.6.5 + iTunes 10.1 hidden feature to allow your shared printer to be visible on your iOS 4.2.1 devices.  AirPrint allow you to print from new generation of Apple iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch to a printer shared over your personal WiFi network.

You only need to run AirPrint Activator once.  Once AirPrint has been turned on it will remain on even after a reboot.

AirPrint Activator from Netputing is the application, check it out.

FInal Cut Pro

Videographers get ready – Final Cut Pro – Version X was just announced at the NAB show in Vegas. Available for $299 in June. We will work on doing one of our meetings to totally drill into the app as soon as we can.

This review caught my eye – so I wanted to share.

The new Final Cut Pro is a bold move – a totally redesigned interface, 64-bit memory addressing, multi-processor support, tight integration of metadata in the project file with metadata stored in the clip not just in the project, heavy use of automation to simplify tedious tasks, and a rethinking of the entire concept of what it means to edit.

I can’t think of any other company that could so totally redefine what a non-linear video editor is than Apple. Since the release of Final Cut Pro 1, each version of FCP has contained incremental improvements. This is a complete restatement at every possible level.

As Phil Schiller, senior VP for world-wide marketing for Apple told me after the presentation, “This is a total rethinking of how we tell stories visually.”

The link to Apple’s information can be found here Full Article :: The Sound of 1,700 Jaws Dropping Passed on – with thanks to :: Larry’s Blog

Logo Design Studio Pro – Now Available In Apple’s Mac App Store

Logo Design Studio Pro is a full-fledged vector illustration and drawingapplication that allows you to quickly design and use professional businesslogos and graphics at a fraction of the cost design agencies and onlinecompanies charge.

The features of Logo Design Studio Pro include:

  • 1000+ pre-designed logo templates
  • 2800+ editable vector graphics
  • 500+ background textures
  • 500+ taglines and slogans
  • 15 commercial use fonts
  • Knife tool to slice graphics on the canvas
  • Eraser tool to remove parts of graphics
  • Blend tool to create 3D tunnel effects and unique shapes
  • Component Library to save and reuse new graphics you create
  • New Object browser that includes special one-click filters
  • Improved group support
  • Improved import of SVG graphics
  • Improved SVG and node support
  • Improved text editing

With the growing demand for logos and identifying graphics in today’s globalmarket, Logo Design Studio Pro packages the powerful design process into asoftware program that anyone can use. For those needing a creativejump-start, over 1000 pre-designed logo templates and 2800 pre-designed SVGgraphic objects help drive your focus to a unique look that gets noticed.Professionals will find the flexible vector features an excellent resourcefor creating an unlimited number of new designs, along with the largeassortment of templates and fully editable vector graphics, a major creativeadvantage that no other software application offers.

Logo Design Studio Pro is available in Apple’s Mac App Store at a special introductory price of $39.99 for a limited time:

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