The Malware on Mac discussion continues to rage.

Spotted this one this morning from MacWorld. Interesting read – with lots of links to other sites to get a more complete read on what is going on, in ti scase exploding the myths that we are all doomed – but at the same time reminding us all to be vigilant !

Each week the Macalope skewers the worst of the week’s coverage of Apple and other technology companies. In addition to being a mythical beast, the Macalope is not an employee of Macworld. As a result, the Macalope is always free to criticize any media organization. Even ours.

The Full Scoop Here

Also – three short pieces on the topic from The Official Apple User Group Digest

01  Apple Malware: How bad is it?

We had so many content items in our Safenetting column this week, I had to break this edition into two parts – the first of which deals with the Apple malware issue … How bad is the Mac malware scare? (FAQ)

* Remove Mac Protector (Uninstall Guide)
* Three Ways to Secure Macs at Work: Lessons from “MacDefender”
* Antivirus for Mac: It’s Time
* Quiz: Hackers and patches and malware, oh my!
* Apple Orders Technicians to Feign Ignorance About Mac Malware
* Apple Ignores Malware Support Calls, Just Want Your Money?
* Apple “refusing support” for Mac malware
* and more . . .

02  Safenetting InfoManager 11-05-23

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report Cybercrime never lets up. With this week’s news about Apple, it’s no longer a one-pony show!

This week:

* Study Sees Way to Win Spam Fight
* How to stop unwelcome SMS marketing
* Canada is the new global phishing hotspot
* Cyber fraud: How to avoid falling prey to online scams
* Hacker Mind Tricks Increasing Malware Downloads
* Is Android the new Windows?
* Six rising threats from cybercriminals
* New malware tricks users into thinking hard drive failure is imminent
* . . . and more

03  Mac Malware Threat — Last Monday’s  initial alert.

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