My thanks to Deborah Pozin for the heads up on this one. The original article can be read here – but for a quick short cut – ten tips from the National Security Agency no less on how to keep your Mac safe.

1. System Preferences/Accounts: Create a non-admin account for everyday activities.

2. System Preferences/Accounts: Disable Automatic Login and User List through “Login Options.” Set “Automatic login” to “Off.” Set “Display login window as” to “Name and password.”

3. System Preferences/Accounts: Disable guest account and sharing. Select the Guest Account and disable it by un-checking “Allow Guest to log in to this computer.” Uncheck “Allow guests to connect to shared folders.”

4. System Preferences/Security: Require password “5 seconds” after sleep or screen saver begins.

5. System Preferences/Security: Use secure virtual memory.

6. System Preferences/Security: Disable Location Services.

7. System Preferences/Security: Disable remote control infrared receiver.

8. System Preferences/Network: For every network interface listed click “Advanced” then the “TCP/IP” tab. “Configure IPv6:” to “Off” if not needed.

9. Utilities/Terminal: To keep users and guests from snooping around home folders, run this command:sudo chmod go-rx /Users/username.

10. Utilities/Terminal: Disable unnecessary services by using the chart to the right with this command:sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/ and LaunchDaemons/

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