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As I have said before, our friends at ‘User Group Central’ – Lynn Wegley, InfoManager, with coeditor Fred Showker  send out a very detailed summary of info and links that are sometimes INCREDIBLY relevant, and ALWAYS good stuff.

With their permission – restated here ::

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What I consider the relevant highlights to our group

02 Phishing & Malware Update: 1109-04
Couple of surprises this week …
David Pogue looks at unsubscribing from spam, and those nasty
‘pump-n-dump’ schemes are back! But that’s not all…
* David Pogue: the *Never Unsubscribe* Rule for Spam
* Protect Yourself From the Threat of Mobile Malware
* Comeback of Malicious Pump-and-Dump Campaigns
* New Analysis: Who Do You Trust? (2 Parts)
* Morto worm surprises again
* Serious gaps in security
* BBB warns of email scam
* Antivirus on a Mac . . . and more
03 Quick, easy photo enhancement
Photo Sense is an easy photo enhancement software for
Mac OS and iOS. It is designed to make photographs more
attractive quickly and easily, without spending a lot of
time and money on learning, purchasing, and using
professional photo manipulation software.
04 Fully Automated Time Tracking
Timing is a unique new time tracking application for OS
X. In contrast to classic time tracking applications, Timing
doesn’t require users to manually operate timers. Instead,
users’ activities like editing documents, surfing the web,
and playing games are tracked automatically and can be
easily reviewed at a later time.
06 Camera PRO + XCOLOR
Camera PRO + XCOLOR for iPhone 4 and iPad 2 1.0. aims to
create a revolution in Photography applications for iPad 2
and iPhone 4, turning your iPad 2 and iPhone 4 to real
XCOLOR photo camera. You can take photos from app camera and
attach different effects to photos. Turn on the power of
your iPad 2 and iPhone 4 to new level.
07 Fraud: It’s not a small world
An Internet fraud scam uncovered in Bozeman Montana in
2009 reached victims as far afield as Florida and Texas …
which goes to show : ‘It’s Not a Small World’ when it comes
to the internet.
09 Camera FX for iPad 2 and iPhone 4
Now you can replace your existing standard iPad 2 camera
application with our Camera FX application with many new
features and functions that standard camera does not have.
Camera FX is advanced powerful photo editing application for
you iPad 2/iPhone 4 and your photos and images. You can take
photos with our application or load existing from you iPad
2/iPhone 4 and then edit its from app and attach different