Touchscreen Shortcuts for the iPad and iPhone

Apple has a website with you in mind, so I have assembled some favorite touchscreen shortcuts …

  • Double tap the Space bar in order to end a sentence and begin a new sentence.
  • Double tap the Shift key in order to lock the caps lock. Tap once to unlock.
  • Tap on the “.?123” key, hold, and drag to the desired character or numeral and release in order to enter the character or numeral and return to the alphabetic keyboard.
  • Tap and hold a letter on the keyboard to enable accented versions of that letter.
  • Tapping and holding on text brings up common options. Tap select to select a word. Use left/right arrow keys to extend options, including bold/italics/underline as well as define to get a definition.
  • In Safari, if you know the domain of the web site you are trying to navigate to, you can type that in, such as “yahoo” or “wikipedia” or “smalldog” without the “www” or “.com” and you should find that Safari will get you there.
  • In Safari, when entering an address in the address bar, tap and hold the “.com” key to get access to .net, .org, .edu sites
  • When you are looking at a website, an email inbox list, or a long mail message, tap the status bar where the time is displayed and you will jump back to the top of the list.

If you want to see the full set click through to iPhone (caveat – most of the tips work on your iPad as well – but not always !!)