Touchscreen Shortcuts for the iPad and iPhone

Apple has a website with you in mind, so I have assembled some favorite touchscreen shortcuts …

  • Double tap the Space bar in order to end a sentence and begin a new sentence.
  • Double tap the Shift key in order to lock the caps lock. Tap once to unlock.
  • Tap on the “.?123” key, hold, and drag to the desired character or numeral and release in order to enter the character or numeral and return to the alphabetic keyboard.
  • Tap and hold a letter on the keyboard to enable accented versions of that letter.
  • Tapping and holding on text brings up common options. Tap select to select a word. Use left/right arrow keys to extend options, including bold/italics/underline as well as define to get a definition.
  • In Safari, if you know the domain of the web site you are trying to navigate to, you can type that in, such as “yahoo” or “wikipedia” or “smalldog” without the “www” or “.com” and you should find that Safari will get you there.
  • In Safari, when entering an address in the address bar, tap and hold the “.com” key to get access to .net, .org, .edu sites
  • When you are looking at a website, an email inbox list, or a long mail message, tap the status bar where the time is displayed and you will jump back to the top of the list.

If you want to see the full set click through to iPhone (caveat – most of the tips work on your iPad as well – but not always !!)

10 Steps to Smartphone Privacy

With thanks to Information Week for their original article and information .

1. Lock Your Phone

2. Use ‘Find My iPhone’ Or Similar Services

3. Don’t Leave Your Smartphone Unattended

4. Don’t Give Your Phone to Strangers

5. Keep Your Smartphone Up-to-Date

6. Manage Location Settings

7. Do App Due Diligence

8. Don’t Download Apps From Untrusted Sources

9. Watch Those Attachments!

10. Encrypt Smartphone Data

Read the whole article here.

1Password for IPhone Best App of 2011

The Unofficial Apple Weblog reported their Best of 2011, and Agile Bits Solutions’ 1Password took the prize for Best iPhone App. Easily beating out the competition by taking 49.7% of the votes, 1Password is an invaluable utility for anyone who surfs the web on their Mac or iOS device.

I have been using 1Password on my MAC for over a year and find it to be so efficient, easy, and secure that I can’t imagine being without it.

For information about 1Password, click here


How to Obtain Optimal Resolution with Apple Monitors

To obtain optimal resolution with external Apple monitors, such as their 30″ HD Cinema Display, you should connect this DVI monitor to your Mac with Apple’s “Mini Port-To-DVI Dual-Link Adapter”.

This enables Apple’s 30″ Cinema Display to be used at its highest native resolution – a stunning 2560 x 1600 dpi! With Apple’s two most recent external monitors – you can now use their new Thunderbolt connectivity – to ensure the best possible resolution for your external displays …

Submitted by David Watersun

Boost Your Online Banking Security with Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport was recommended to me by several major online Banks.  Click on the link below for more information, and notice the list of major international banks and financial institutions using Trusteer Rapport. Easy installation on my MAC, and seems like a very efficient program worth having.

Defends against phishing and malware activity

Helps safeguard your identity

Shows when you’re on an unprotected website
Download Trusteer Rapport1 for free continuous protection
Works with all major web browsers
Secures communication between keyboard and sensitive websites
Protects online banking username, password and other sensitive sign on information
Prevents malware from tampering with your online transaction
Works with your current antivirus software by providing another level of online security
Protects your information on up to 100 participating retail, social networking & email browser websites.

Simple protection indicator: green = protected; gray = unprotected
Removes malicious malware from your computer and notifies you that it has done so
Periodic reports sent to show malware and phishing attempts
Does not require any configuration or maintenance—just install and you’re protected

  • Defends against phishing and malware activity
  • Helps safeguard your identity
  • Shows when you’re on an unprotected website

For more information and to Download software – you can go here.

Adding Accent Marks on Apple Devices

Do your Apple devices have a foreign accent?

Have you wondered how to type character marks over the vowels of foreign words? Well, thanks to the Small Dog Electronics newsletter, Kibbles & Bytes, you can learn how to add those sexy little accent marks over vowels, if your Mac uses Lion OSX 10.7, and your handheld devices use their new iOS.

For those of you using Lion, the same steps you take on your iPhone (or the like) are now applicable.

To produce an accent on your Mac using 10.7, press and (briefly) hold the letter that needs the accent mark.

Your accent character choices will then appear, and you can navigate to the one you need

Thanks to David Watersun for this tip.

Free Audiobook of Steve Jobs Biography

Written By Walter Isaacson, and published just this week, Audible is offering a free audiobook when you sign up for a free 14-day trial of the service. Among thousands of available picks: “Steve Jobs,” by Walter Isaacson.

To put that in some perspective, the audio CD version of “Steve Jobs” has a list price of $49.95, and sells for around $34.95 at Audible. For fans of spoken books, Audible is an unbeatable deal.

You can cancel within 14 days from starting a trial subscription, and you may keep the free Jobs audiobook on your Apple devices without a subscription …

E-Cycling Old Computers

E-Cycling accepts old, broken computers and broken cell phones. They will attempt to refurbish them, or they will be turned into scrap for recycling and kept out of the landfill.

Open Tues and Sat for drop off 9am-1pm.

You can find them at 901 Lower Main St,Wailuku

And / or call them at 573-4018.
[If you have a large load pick up, call: 280-6460]