Three Software Utilities

I am not a big user of software utilities – but these three all seem to provide some real added value to those that live in a mac …. my thanks to ‘showker AT spamcop DOT net’ for the summaries that I replay below.

A Clean Desktop Is Easy, Really It Is

A Clean Desktop Is Easy, Really It Is File It Away 1.0 is a really simple but useful utility for keeping Macintosh files and folders ‘filed away’ and out of sight. Developed by a notoriously messy Macintosh computer user with a computer Desktop so full of icons and trash the program’s development was almost mandatory.

SideFolders 1.5.1

Code529 has announced the release of SideFolders 1.5.1, an update to its file management utility for Mac OS X. SideFolders gives the users of this Mac app instant access to all their files and folders. SideFolders hides itself on the left or right side of the screen and pops up when the user moves his mouse to the edge of the screen.

Calendars 2.3

Readdle, a publisher of business and productivity applications for the iPhone and iPad, has updated Calendars, its popular iOS application for tracking events, appointments and tasks on the go, with the ‘transparent’ Google Calendar sync and other additions. With Calendars 2.3 people can incredibly quickly add, edit, delete or re-schedule events and tasks within the application.