A Different kind of Secure Online Storage

In the words of Wuala : Backup. Sync. Share. Access Everywhere.

Wuala – Secure Online Storage – Backup. Sync. Share. Access Everywhere..

In the wake of the Dropbox guys dropping the ball and admitting they not be quite as secure as they had previously suggested – AND that they had changed their terms and conditions that also implies that your stuff might not be as private as you thought – Wuala – along with a couple of others are jumping on the bandwagon in a hope of denting the line.

Wuala comes from your friendly hard drive manufacturer LaCie. It is a ‘freemium’ model (first gig is free – compared to dropbox’s 2 gigs). I downloaded and installed. So far I am puzzled as to why it seems to be so slow – but also I am missing the social media aspects (or at least if they are there – I haven’t yet found them – so that I can’t quite as easily save stuff into my Wuala to share with others.

Still – for now – I will stick with it – though free always has a cost – will link to that post another time!

(Oh and you could also buy La Cie’s new wireless hard drive so that you can back up locally and to the cloud – automatically – in parallel.)